Elizabeth Alexander, In the Lonely Midnight for choir and orchestra

Michael Barnhart, Epitaphs for solo percussion*

TR Beery, Refrain for solo percussion*

Roger Braun, Independent Streams for chamber ensemble

Matthew Burtner, Deep Earth for for chamber ensemble, electronics, and film

Matthew Burtner, Anugi Unipkaaq / Siku Unipkaaq for percussion quartet and electronics

Elliot Cole, Invitation No. 4 for indeterminate ensemble

Martin Ellerby, Baritone Concerto for solo baritone and brass choir

Lindsey Jacob, Salticidae for percussion trio*

Lindsey Jacob, Ssh... for solo tar*

Libby Larsen, Ursa for solo tuba and wind ensemble

Douglas Lowry, Between Blues and Hard Places for chamber ensemble

David Macbride, Ave Maris Stella for oboe and percussion duet

David Macbride, Doe's Lament / Outside My Window for solo marimba

David Macbride, Fallen for solo snare drum*

David Macbride, Flam for percussion ensemble

David Macbride, Light Waves for percussion ensemble

David Macbride, Lullaby for Imogen for chamber ensemble

David Macbride, March Madness for solo marimba*

David Macbride, Music Box for percussion duet

David Macbride, One Way for percussion duet

David Macbride, Standing for solo vibraphone*

David Macbride, A Study in Metal for percussion trio and pre-recorded CD

David Macbride, Tu Bali for tuba and percussion duet

Janis Mercer, X for solo snare drum and fixed electronics•

Jennifer Bernard Merkowitz, And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon for solo percussion*

Dary John Mizelle, Groove for drumset duet

Dary John Mizelle, Ritmus Tempus for percussion duet*

Jeremy Muller, Omonoia for percussion quartet

Allen Otte / Joseph Van Hassel, Speed Up (after Russell) for percussion solo*

Mark Phillips, Action/Reaction for percussion duet

Ted Piltzecker, Spring Peepers for percussion quartet

Miguel A. Roig-Francoli, Canticles for a Sacred Earth for chamber ensemble

Matthew Schreibeis, Kinetic Attractions for percussion quartet

Stuart Saunders Smith, Lazarus for solo voice and vibraphone (one player)*

Stuart Saunders Smith, Mornings for solo vibraphone

Stuart Saunders Smith, My Friend Gita Said: for solo marimba*

Stuart Saunders Smith, On: Empty for solo orchestra bells*

Stuart Saunders Smith, Quilt for percussion duet

Stuart Saunders Smith, Still, Slowly for piano and xylophone duet*

Stuart Saunders Smith, Xylophone Poems for solo voice and xylophone (one player)

Jess Turner, Burning Music for chamber ensemble

Joseph Turrin, Equinox for chamber ensemble

Dan VanHassel, Here Comes... for solo marimba

Dan VanHassel, fzzl for solo snare drum*

Dan VanHassel, Trudge Blasted Exotic for percussion duet*

Joseph Van Hassel, The Cryptic Blue Planet Lake for percussion quintet*

Joseph Van Hassel, Response (after Brun) for percussion solo and electronics*

Carlos Velez, Doppelganger for chamber ensemble

Daniel Wohl, Pixelated for percussion quartet

*written for Joseph Van Hassel and / or UNCP Percussion Ensemble